Lost – one possibility… teorija apie entire show-Island etc.

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Lost – one possibility… teorija apie entire show-Island etc.

Standartinė maistis » 2007 Geg 19, Šeš 01:13

Sorry, kad angliskai, bet tingejau verst idomi teorija .

In the beginning there was the island - and it was good. The natives lived on the island and utilized the island’s healing properties to live in harmony and peace.

Then the Blackrock was shipwrecked onto the island. The natives battled with the ship’s crew and many died, the natives fled underground. Richard Alpert was a member of the crew or a native.., Magnus Hanso was buried near the black rock. Hanso’s descendants form the Hanso Corporation which in turn funds the Dharma Initiative and research on the island. Hanso knows the island has special properties from his great grandfather and knows that the research needs to be done on the island for success to be achieved.

Dharma builds the stations and runs research; they attempt to change the Valenzetti equation to save the world. The island is the only place in the world that has the lack of environmental obstacles for the research to be successful. Dharma recruits people into the initiative in the thought of saving the world. In theory if any of the numbers can be changed, then the predicted end date of the world can be changed. (It could be that the numbers relate to chromosomes… 4,8,15,16,23 are valid, there are 23 pairs of chromosomes, 42 could be a reference to the second chromosome in the 21 pair or that a synthetic 42nd chromosome pair needs to be created.)

Dharma does something to upset the natives and a long lasting war ensues. Dharma may have created the security system (Smokey) to keep the natives away from the main Dharma initiative barracks. The sonic fence was designed to keep Smokey away from the Dharma facility. Smokey was affective until the island or the natives may have caused Smokey to go haywire, the incident may have played a role in this. It could be that the natives learned of Dharma’s attempt to change the date of the end of the world, or Dharma research is interfering with the islands ability.

Ben assists the natives and the purge is the result where most of the Dharma initiative is gassed. There is an incident at the swan station that may have happened prior to the purge. The incident may be the final straw that caused the natives to finally get rid of Dharma.

After the major purge, there are still a few Dharma facilities that are functioning. The natives attack these facilities and are successful at the arrow. The remaining Dharma goes into hiding, including Candle who loses his arm on the attack of the arrow station. The swan is used to keep the magnetic field under control after the incident.

The natives see a benefit in continuing some of Dharma’s research, but not all of their research, they release the captive animals at the Hydra station and keep Mikhail on board at the flame to monitor the outside world. The natives under Ben’s leadership continue the research and try to determine the reasoning of pregnant women dying on the island after Ben’s wife Annie dies in childbirth. The others recruit people from off the island to assist in their research. They recruit Juliet who seems like their best choice to overcome the islands childbirth problems. Could these problems be a direct result of the incident and Dharma research on the island?

The natives know that it is only a matter of time before Dharma comes to the island after the purge. The other’s take over the looking glass station and jam all transmissions from the outside world and put up a force field around the island that basically makes the island disappear. Dharma finds out about this and they have lost contact with the island, and then can’t find it on any maps. Dharma spends time looking for the island and have people dedicated to finding the island (guys in the arctic).

So, in steps a group of people who know that Dharma needs to get back to the island to continue the research on the Valenzetti equation, so that the world may be saved. There is an off island presence for Dharma that is working to get back onto the island to finish their work with the equation. Ms Hawking was a former Swan worker and developed the same ability Desmond has. Ms Hawking accidently got this ability during the original incident. She survived and was later moved off the island; she later developed her time bending ability and has honed it. She has seen what needs to take place in order for Dharma to regain control of the island.

Ms Hawking’s visions include a very complicated pattern of people that are required to be on the island in order for a set series of events to occur for Dharma to regain control of the island. The problem is, that Dharma has no clue on where the island is located now, since the natives have jammed all transmissions and made the island “disappear”. Here is the list of things that must happen for Dharma to make it to the island.

1) The fail safe in the swan must be activated in order for the island to show up on the grid. The second that the charge is initiated, the island coordinates can be determined.
2) The force field in the looking glass must be deactivated so that once the island is located it will show up on the grid. Once the force field is down, Dharma can make it to the island.

Ms Hawkings’ visions showed distinct people that needed to be on the island in order for 1 & 2 to happen. Here is a list of what the losties need to do in order for 1 & 2 to be completed as seen by Ms Hawkings.

1) Desmond must make it to the island to be in the hatch. The fail safe must be used.
2) All required parties need to be on Flight 815.
3) Flight 815 must be rerouted to the vicinity of the island.
4) The swan must have a system failure to cause 815 to crash on the island.
5) Locke must get into the hatch and cause the system failure.
6) Desmond must turn the fail safe key.
7) Once the discharge happens, Dharma will be able to pinpoint the island, but will still not be able to get onto the island due to the force field from the looking glass.
08) The looking glass blueprints must be retrieved from the flame station.
9) Desmond must save Charlie a series of times so that Charlie can get into the looking glass.
10) Charlie will want to swim into the looking glass in order for Claire to be saved.
11) Charlie must swim into the looking glass (Charlie must have beat his addiction before this)
12) The force field must be turned off in the looking glass, Desmond must once again save Charlie.
13) Once the force field is turned off then the ship must be contacted with Naomi’s phone.
14) Dharma can then once again regain control of the island.

Ms Hawking put together a group of people to get the needed people on the island, they are:

Brother Jacob Campbell with Ms Hawking gets Desmond to the island. Brother Jacob is captured by Ben.
Richard Malkin (Claire & Eko) (who also was in the swan when the incident happened so he can see the future too).
Issac of Uluru (Rose & Bernard), (a native from the island that has moved to Australia, he has the ability to heal from the island).
Also recruited were, Christian Shephard (Jack Sawyer, & Ana), Nadia, Eddie, Randy Nations (Locke & Hurley), Libby (Desmond & Hurley) , Essam Tasir (Sayid), Brian Porter (Michael & Walt),
Kelvin Inman (Desmond), Ray Mullins (Kate), Hibbs (Sawyer), Liam Pace (Charlie).
The pilot repositions the flight so that it can be stationed over the island when the system failure occurs.

Each of the people do their specific role in order to get everyone in Sydney at the same time and prepared to Fly to LA on flight 815. After flight 815 takes off, Kelvin leaves the hatch and makes sure Desmond sees that the suit has a tear in it. Desmond follows Kelvin and thinks he kills Kelvin, This is done so that the button will not be pushed and cause a system failure

p.s viskas visai idomai paaiskinta tik truksta iterpt, kad saloje laikas letesnis ir kad Walt kazkuo svarbus salai.

p.s.s nu jei viskas panasiai klostosi, tai Charliui atjungus Looking glass pasitvirtintu prodiuseriu pasakymas, kad after season finale you will understad it can't take more than 48 series.

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Standartinė Rub6is » 2007 Geg 21, Pir 18:21

Nu specialioje serijoje "Lost: The Answers" kur vedėjai buvo Damonas Lindelofas ir Carlton Cusas sakė, kad jie tikrai neišsikapstys iš salos, kas paneigia faktą, kad Naomi laivas juos išgelbės. Šeip labai įdomi teorija
Nobody is perfect. I am Nobody ;)
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Standartinė Tautvydas » 2007 Geg 21, Pir 22:08

aš manau, kad išsikapstys, jau pačiam pačiam gale.

ir neįsivaizduoju kas kitas jiems padės jei ne dharma initiative ;-)
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Standartinė Rolas_90 » 2007 Geg 22, Ant 18:05

Tai dar kart gali Desmondo pana bandyt :) ir šeip dar gali atsirast naujų veikėjų.
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Standartinė googah » 2007 Bir 02, Šeš 13:01

oooo teorija super ypac ten ta vieta,kad buvo sudaryta speciali zmoniu grupe,kad reikiami zmones butu saloje :o
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Standartinė Gyventojas » 2007 Bir 02, Šeš 14:46

Nu siaip dharma manau zino kur yra sala. O jei ne tai is kur MAISTAS krenta is dangaus?
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Re: Lost – one possibility… teorija apie entire show-Island etc.

Standartinė Yuta » 2007 Lie 23, Pir 21:26

Taip Dharma turbut istikruju zino kur sala randasi , ne4s juk jie ten viska ir ikure :?
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Re: Lost – one possibility… teorija apie entire show-Island etc.

Standartinė h0pe » 2007 Spa 06, Šeš 20:43

Issikapstyti turetu, nes seip kazkurioje serijoje rode kate ir jacko flahbackus ateityje :o
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Re: Lost – one possibility… teorija apie entire show-Island etc.

Standartinė Lights On. » 2007 Spa 08, Pir 17:10

taj gal flashforward, o ne flashback?;DD
Piliečiai, nedeginkite miškų, nes nebus iš ko gaminti degtukų. XD
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Lights On.
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Re: Lost – one possibility… teorija apie entire show-Island etc.

Standartinė inghaar » 2007 Gru 26, Tre 21:49

ooo je cia ziuriu dar daugiau painiavos ir aiskumo viename
http://www.maya.lt - Taro, Angelu, Cigonu ... kortos. Dvasinio tobulejimo saitas.
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Re: Lost – one possibility… teorija apie entire show-Island etc.

Standartinė pliumbum » 2008 Sau 25, Pen 16:22

Teorija įdomi. Kad žmonės buvo surinkti specialiai tokie, įtikėtina.. Serialo kūrėjai juk sakė, kad herojų susitikimai flashbackuose nėra atsitiktiniai. Be to, atkreipkite dėmesį, kad iš tiesų jų grįžtančių niekas nelaukia.. Išskyrus Desmondą, kurio nebuvo lėktuve, ir gal iš dalies Hurley. Gal specialiai buvo parinkti visuomenės atskalūnai, kurie neturi artimų draugų ar šeimos. Apskritai jie visi tokie lūzeriai, su nepasisekusiu gyvenimu. Štai pažiūrėkim į pagrindinius veikėjus. Kate bėga nuo policijos, nužudė patėvį, mirtinai susipyko su motina. Jack įskundė tėvą, išsiskyrė su žmona. Sawyer yra našlaitis, irgi bėga nuo policijos. Hurley persekioja "prakeiksmas", nesiseka visur kur tik jis pasisuka. Sayid - inkvizitorius, daugybės žmonių nekenčiamas, irgi neturi šeimos. Locke irgi neturi žmonos, tėvas pavogė jo inkstą ir išmetė iš aštunto aukšto. Jin ir Sun turi tik vienas kitą, Sun nekenčia savo tėvo už tai, ką jis daro su Jinu, o Jinas gėdijasi savo tėvo. Charlie galėjo tapti turtingu žmogumi ir pasiekti daug, bet įklimpo į narkotikus ir taip pat susipyko su savo broliu. Claire užmušė savo motiną avarijoje.. Ją nėščią paliko vaikinas. Mr. Eko prisidirbo iki ausų, būdamas kunigu, ir su tuo broliu Yemi nekokie santykiai. Michael susipyko su žmona ir paliko sūnų.. Po to ji mirė. Ana Lucia kažkaip irgi nelabai gerai su mama sutarė, ir nužudė kažką, nesigilinau į jos gyvenimo peripetijas. Boone ir Shannon irgi kažkas ten negerai buvo, berods dėl palikimo, neprisimenu. Apie Bernard ir Rose kol kas mažai galime pasakyti.

Žodžiu, nė vienas laimingai negyveno iki katastrofos.

Beje, teko skaityti teoriją, kad jie visi čia sėdi skaistykloje, kur turi iškentėti už savo nuodėmes :D tiesa, šitą teoriją patys kūrėjai paneigė.
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Re: Lost – one possibility… teorija apie entire show-Island etc.

Standartinė Rolas_90 » 2008 Sau 29, Ant 23:54

O tu nori pasakyt, kad tavo gyvenimas yra idealus? Niekad neesi susipykęs su mama ar dar kuo? Nesijautei niekad kuo nors nusivylęs? Gyvenime tokių tūkstančiai, kaip Lost herojai, reiktų paieškot tokių, kuriem viskas idealu gyvenime.

Apie skaistyklą jau yra aptarta šiame forume.
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Re: Lost – one possibility… teorija apie entire show-Island etc.

Standartinė pliumbum » 2008 Sau 30, Tre 02:09

Manau, turėtum skirti ką reiškia būti šiaip susipykus su kažkuo ir būti vienišam, be artimųjų. Tarkim, aš atsidurčiau tokioje saloje, manęs lauktų tėvai, sesuo, draugė ir t.t. O šitų veikėjų niekas nelaukia. Vat toks ir skirtumas. Tokių kaip lost herojai tikrai yra tūkstančiai. Bet kad jie visi atsidurtų viename lėktuve.. :)
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Re: Lost – one possibility… teorija apie entire show-Island etc.

Standartinė Whispering Smoke » 2009 Geg 10, Sek 16:30

Be galo gera teorija, bet...
Cerberus gyvena po -Kitų- Šventykla. Tai - ne Dharmos teritorija. Šventykloje yra senovinių raižinių, rodančių Anubį teisiamą Cerbero. Dharma nėra -tokia- sena. Yra ir kitų įrodymų, kad Cerberus yra salos gamtinė ar mistinė jėga, o ne Dharmos technologinis padaras. Tiesiog paskaitykit The Monster Lostpedijoje.
"What lies in the shadow of the statue?"
"He, who will save us all."
Whispering Smoke
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